Stardoll free stuff

Stardoll website offer free stuff for their members. Only thing you need to do is signup/visit link or be from specific country. Sometimes they offer stardoll free stuff only for that one particular country like : Germany, United Kingdoms or USA. Don’t worry – there are also a worldwide available items for everyone.

All the items are provided in lovely .pdf file. File contains free stuff like :

-          Free Bolero Jacket

-          Free Balloons

-          Free Dork Diaries Poster

-          Free October fest Cardigan

-          Free Lego Friends Horse and Dog

-          Free Cinderella Ball Gown

-          Free Sims 3 Supernatural Robe

And many many many more…

In our .pdf you can get more than plenty of free stuff items for your stardoll account.

REMEMBER: If you are not from US/UK then we also provide FREE Proxy Websites where you can get free stuff. In case of any questions we also provide support for you guys!.

Pictures ( a few samples from free items for stardoll ) :